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Look at me. I look fantastic. I have a great ass...Do I look old enough to have a fifteen year old dog? People look at how old my dog is, they say ‘you must have gotten him when you were a kid.


Garry approached life the way he approached comedy: with a constant desire to deconstruct, review, and, finally, achieve a certain sense of understanding that helped to pull the intricacies of life out from the shadows and into the light. Here are excerpts from his Journals in which Garry writes about his explorations. Complete Journal entries can be found under Catalog.

The Early Years

As a boy, Garry quickly discovered he had a preternatural grasp of wordplay and humor, which eventually led to him writing his own material and would one day push him to contact George Carlin in a Phoenix nightclub, who praised his comedic sensibilities and encouraged him to hone his craft. In 1973, he moved to Los Angeles, where he secured writing positions for both Sanford and Son and Welcome Back, Kotter.

Standing up.

The Later Years

In 1978, Garry performed his first stand-up routine at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Only three years later, Garry made his first appearance (the first of what would become many) on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. It wasn't long before he moved from the couch to behind the desk, becoming one of Johnny's go-to guest hosts for several years afterward.

Garry and friends backstage at Largo.